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We are often asked what we do, as in what do we do for a living, or other similar questions which we have construed to mean what we toil at to generate currency to use for buying things. Don’t get me wrong; I still always give an answer that relates to my job; and though it is one that I chose and that I love, I am a great believer in that we are not defined by our employment however much we enjoy it and are good at it. No, we are defined by other things. We are defined by what we believe, by what we feel and by what we are passionate about.

This site is about a great passion of mine. It’s about a journey which started sometime in the last century when a teenager armed with a small Olympus camera set off on a journey to discover photography as a form of expression, a means to record images, and maybe create art. That man-child is still very much here, still marvelling at how we can capture light in a box, freeze a moment and share it with others, at first on film, and now digitally.

So I suppose, among a few other things, a photographer I am.

just as a painter uses brush strokes to turn his vision into palpable reality, a photographer coaxes his tools to earn the complicity of the light in shaping how he sees a scene. And it’s really about the light. And oh the sweetness of it when behold, that image appears as envisioned. Or, when the gift of an error, a miscalculation on the part of the photographer results in that rare magical image. The satisfaction. The pleasure of it!

I am fortunate enough to have many brushes and tools at my disposal and have come to truly appreciate and bond with Leica lenses and their unique drawing style, particularly but not exclusively on Leica cameras. But I am also constantly reminded through this journey of learning, that the camera does not a photographer make. Far from it. it is merely a tool in the hands of an artisan, and it is up to him to use it effectively in his craft.

Only when we learn to look beyond the static, will we truly see. Every picture will then tell a story. The pictures that are exhibited here are some of my favourites and I do take pride in that they are representative of a great deal of what I believe, feel, and am passionate about.


14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dr_IQ says:

    Hi. You have a very good blog. Great images indeed.

  2. Hatem says:

    Many Thanks Dr_IQ. I appreciate your visit and your interest.

  3. Ayman Abdel Rahman says:

    Tommy, you never fail to surprise us with your hidden talents, am sure you can make a parallel career with photography. Thumbs up

    • Hatem says:

      Thanks Andy for your kind words. It’s a real passion for me and I am happy that I was finally able to share it through this site. No plans for a photography career (yet)!

  4. Amr Afifi says:

    Dear Hatem,

    This is simply fantastic and it took me a while to look at all the pictures as each one of them has alot to say. This is really great and you should definatley keep it up.

    • Hatem says:

      Thank you Ammour for visiting, taking the time to view the images and for the kind words. I will certainly try to keep it up! All the best!

  5. Vijay Singh says:

    Watches and Leica photography??!!! We must be long lost brothers!!!

    All the best,
    Vijaysingh67 on IG

  6. Sean says:

    Hey Hatem, it’s my first time visiting your blog but I just wanted to say that I love what you’ve written about who we are and how we are defined. 🙂

    Oh and the photos aren’t too shabby either! 🙂


  7. Attila Barath says:

    your photos inspire me to pull out my Nocti 1.2 again, and create stuff that dreams are made of

  8. Nitin says:

    Hi Hatem,
    Great stuff! can you drop me a mail? Need to get in touch with you about a possible feature in WatchTime Middle East.


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